The brand

A travelling know-how: between countries of the world and Bordeaux

ARGELOUSE takes its name from a village in the south-west of France, land of the ancestors of the creator Margot Falcy.

The brand and its workshops were born in Bordeaux, following the creator's many travels. It is in a perfect setting, between vineyards, sea and mountains that her creations come to life.

Amok bangles, the brand signature

Fascinated by crafts, it was during her trip in Cambodia that the idea of Amok bangles was born. Singular and elegant, they add a touch of couture to the wrist. Thanks to their spring system articulation, the Amok bangles match easily with the daily life of a modern woman.

Margot desings new patterns according to the different seasons, playing with colors and shapes. Once the sketches finished, the bangles are carefully manufactured. Made of brass, they are gilded with fine gold and then cold enamelled by hand by skilled craftspersons.

Jewels with a strong personality for the modern and confident woman

Bohemian and romantic, ARGELOUSE collections combine authenticity with a blend of cultures. Margot Falcy thinks the jewellery as an essential part of an outfit. Therefore, like a textile stylist, she spends time to find colors and textures.

Margot puts her heart to work to reflect your femininity and personality through her jewellery. It is from the different women she meets, and from the very heart of her entourage and her clients that Margot draws inspiration and creates.

ARGELOUSE jewellery is subtle, modern, unique and sophisticated.

As Marc Jacobs said, "there are clues to who you are in what you wear". So there is nothing better than an ARGELOUSE jewel as an ambassador of your personality.

A booming brand

Singular design, innovative bangles nicknamed Amok and so much more to discover, make Argelouse a brand conquering more and more women. You can find the jewels of the french brand in many shops all over France.

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